The BILT Academy Podcast

Episode Eighteen - Christmas Fireside Chat

December 24, 2021 Season 2 Episode 3
The BILT Academy Podcast
Episode Eighteen - Christmas Fireside Chat
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Welcome to the BILT Academy Podcast!

Our eighteenth episode is our last of 2021. For this Christmas Special, we see the entire BILT Academy return for a nice fireside chat.

We talk about what everyone enjoyed learning in 2021, what were the hot topics of 2021 for the AECO/BIM world. We also cover the must-have "Tech Gifts" for Christmas 2021, and what advice our BILT Academy correspondences would give students entering Higher Education in 2022.

On behalf of the entire BILT Academy crew, we wish all of our listeners a very merry Christmas and a happier 2022.

You can find complete episode notes on the BILT Academy Website

Be sure to tune in for our next episode on January 27th, 2022, where we continue our dive into the topic of open source with David and Mark.

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