The BILT Academy Podcast

Episode Fifteen - BIM Execution Plan

July 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 16
The BILT Academy Podcast
Episode Fifteen - BIM Execution Plan
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Welcome to the BILT Academy Podcast!

For episode fifteen we invited Hugo Taillandier, fellow Podcaster/ host of Today's Architecture Podcast and student at Napiers University in Edinburgh to hop on board as guest correspondent to this month's topic. 

In this month's episode, Hugo decided to venture into the topic of BIM Execution Planning, as he had not yet been really exposed to that topic and got curious in learning more about how project protocol is set up and executed accordingly. In order to get accessible and in-depth knowledge on this subject, He reached out to the eminent authority on BIM Execution Planning: Dr. Marzia Bolpagni.

Here is more information about this month's interviewee: 

  1. Marzia Bolpagni, Head of BIM International - Associate Director at Mace.

You can find complete episode notes on the BILT Academy Website

Don’t miss out on our next Podcast airing on October 28th where we again go nuts on robots with our guest Narrator Anthony Meijer, a student in robotics and Boston Dynamic's very own Brian Ringley!

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