The BILT Academy Podcast

Episode Fourteen - Visual Programming

June 24, 2021 Season 1 Episode 15
The BILT Academy Podcast
Episode Fourteen - Visual Programming
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Welcome to the BILT Academy Podcast!

Before we get into this month's podcast, we want to celebrate our first year 1 year of Podcasting, and to begin year two with this month's Episode 14.  We also would like to thank BIM Track for coming on board for another year as our official Podcast Technology  Support. Thank you! 

Our fourteenth has been curated by our BILT Academy correspondent David. This month's podcast is a BIM Technology podcast, and in it, David interviews two industry experts about coding and more specifically visual programing.

In this month's episode, with coding becoming more and more part of a daily workflow for practitioners in the built environment we decided to take a deeper dive. We found that for a variety of reasons such as to automate repetitive tasks or to overcome any complex surfaces, coding is becoming more and more popular in the AEC industry. With this in mind, David was wondering what visual programming tools are out there and which ones are most commonly used and, in this podcast, we highlight 2 of those, namely Dynamo and Grasshopper.

Here are this month's interviewees: 

  1. Jostein Olsen, BIM Specialist Visual Programming at Sweco.
  2. Luis Fraguada, 3rd party Developer Support at McNeel Europe.

You can find complete episode notes on the BILT Academy Website

The upcoming episode in July will be our last one before our summer break for August and September, returning in October. Be sure you don’t miss out on our next Podcast airing July 29th with our guest Narrator Hugo Taillandier and Digital Transformation Expert and Head of BIM International at Mace Group: Marzia Bolpagni!

We would also like to thank our Podcast Technology Sponsor BIM Track for their continued support of BILT Academy.

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