The BILT Academy Podcast

Episode Twenty - Generative Design

February 24, 2022 Season 2 Episode 5
The BILT Academy Podcast
Episode Twenty - Generative Design
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Welcome to the BILT Academy Podcast!

 Our twentieth episode has been curated by our newest BILT Academy correspondent and previous BILT Academy Podcast guest correspondent Hugo Taillandier. This month's podcast is all about Generative Design, with insight from our subject matter expert Jacob Small. 

 For this episode, Hugo interviewed Jacob Small, Technical Consultant for Autodesk in the field of Generative Design. Hugo is new to the topic of Generative Design but thought a great way to learn was to dive right in and have a candid discussion with someone that works with it every day. 

Here are this month's interviewees: 

  1. Jacob Small, Technical Consultant, Generative Design at Autodesk

You can find complete episode notes on the BILT Academy Website

We return March 31st with our 3rd episode of a 4-part series on open source.

We also have some exciting news to share with you! The BILT Academy Summit as well as BILT Europe will be held as in- person events in Valencia, Spain! The BILT Academy Summit commences on May 2nd at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) with spanish and international workshops for students and academics. This will then be followed up by our international BILT EUR conference from May 3rd - 5th at the Palacio de Congresos in Valencia, a stellar conference program awaits you and a lively exhibition! Mark your calendars, we look forward to meeting you in Valencia!

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